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Randy ThurmanRandy Thurman is a six-year veteran of the Arkansas House of Representatives, serving from 1989-1994, before becoming the Executive Director for the Arkansas Environmental Federation, a non-profit association of industries with environmental concerns.  He served with the AEF until September 1, 2013.  As a legislator, Mr. Thurman served on the Transportation; Education; Public Health, Labor & Welfare; Aging & Legislative Affairs; and Agriculture & Economic Development Committees. Mr. Thurman also served on the Heber Springs Arkansas City Council.

Mr. Thurman is a former President of the Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists and the Arkansas Society of Association Executives and is a member in good standing of both Societies.  He earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Central Arkansas, Conway, a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and a Masters in Human Resource Development from Webster University, Little Rock. 

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Courtney SheppardCourtney Sheppard served in the Arkansas House of Representatives from January 1995 through 2001, serving on the Transportation, City County and Local, Revenue and Tax, Joint Performance Review, Rules and Legislative Council. In his last term Mr. Sheppard was Chairman of City, County and Local and Co-Chair of Rules. He has been involved in a number of legislative issues from electric deregulation, water conservation, human resource management, oil and gas, recycling, nursing homes, pharmaceuticals, environment, information technology and taxes.  Prior to serving in the House, he served on the El Dorado Arkansas City Council. 

Mr. Sheppard received a BS degree in History in 1973 from Southern Methodist University. From 1975-1978 he did post graduate studies in history and law at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. He served as President of the Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists from June 2008 through June 2009 and is a member in good standing of the Society.

Direct Mail for Mr. Sheppard:  Mr. Courtney Sheppard, 1710 Hillsboro Lane, Little Rock, AR  72212

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